Benefits of ISP

Benefits of ISP

benefits of isp

Running a school is difficult, especially when you do not have access to further support, advice or funding. For many standalone schools this is a reality. At the ֱ (ISP) we recognise this and being part of our group brings with it significant benefits for schools.


We invest significantly in developing the infrastructure of our schools to make them the best learning environments for our children, students and staff. Over the last four years we have invested in various projects around our schools including enhancement, expansion, renovation, and compliance. Examples of more recent investment include:

  • 3 new build schools
  • 4 large scale school expansion projects
  • 3 new sports facilities
  • 6 school refurbishment projects
  • a new state of the art drama facility.

Access to expertise

We want our schools to get better all the time, which is why we have a clear organisational structure that is based on supporting our schools in the best and most efficient way possible. The ֱcentral team acts as the support mechanism for all our schools where we can provide expertise on learning, health & safety, human resources, finance, IT, property, marketing, admissions and communications to schools on a day-to-day basis so we can all work towards our schools being the school of choice in their local area.


International opportunities for teachers and other colleagues, students and families

We are truly international. With 77 schools in 22 different countries around the world we are able to offer teachers and staff the chance to work in another country, students the chance to experience international cultural learning opportunities beyond their home classroom, and we are also able to offer families who may be looking for a move overseas to transfer to one of our schools in their destination country. Through our global group of schools, we are able to offer flexibility and international mobility to teachers, staff, students and families, and all the while enabling new learning opportunities across countries, cultures and languages.

Sharing of best practice

We believe strong organisations are built from respect, openness and effective teamwork. Our principles help us do that. To be successful 20% of our ideas will come from the centre, 80% from the schools and, importantly, we want a culture where anyone can have a good idea and that we listen and act on feedback. How we work together really does count and having access to so many people across the world enables us to share the best ideas and make them a reality to the direct benefit of our schools.


ֱapproach to learning

We put learning at the heart of everything we do. It is the very essence of what we are about and it’s what our students and parents want. We focus on getting the learning right so we have schools that are regarded as “schools of choice” by parents.


International learning opportunities for students

Our international learning opportunities give students the chance for memorable international and cultural learning experiences and enable them to develop their language and communication skills, share good practice and create long-term friendships across the world all in a safe and secure environment. We currently have 11 programmes including: the ֱModel United Nations, the ֱBuddy Exchange Programme, the ֱVirtual Buddy Exchange Programme, the ֱFim Festival and the ֱInternational Summer Camp. Find out more about all of the programmes here.

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