How do we do this?

How do we do this?

how do we do this?

Creating academic, social, personal and physical learning that is both broad and deep depends on our children and students receiving the right experiences that enable that to happen.

The different curriculums we use in our schools across the world have been deliberately chosen and created to provide support to teachers in the delivery of those experiences, to meet the challenges we set our students and the needs of their families and community. Curriculums are an important factor that affects learning.

We take time and effort to recruit the very best teachers we can. We want teachers who share our passion to help students get better and who have a proven track record in doing so. We want our teachers to be able to work together as a team on behalf of our children and students; amazing learning requires teachers to work together to do the very best they can.

We build atmospheres in which teachers, students and parents can all discuss learning in an open way. We want to be respectful to each other but we want to be honest, too.

We are continually creating experiences for our children and students where they can take their learning out of the classroom and demonstrate real responsibility. We encourage our children and students to explore their own communities and to support those much less fortunate than they are.

We have begun to provide international collaborativelearning experiences to link our students with each other across the world.

We know that our parents, families and students have high expectations of us. We want to leave as little to chance as possible as we work hard to meet those expectations.

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